Quercetin Seasonal Allergy Aid – 4oz & 2oz


*Supports the relaxation of airway smooth muscles, an important factor in respiratory health.

*Promotes healthy inflammatory and immune responses, of critical importance to immune health and well-being.





Healthy Allergen Response
Quercetin Seasonal’s unique, comprehensive formula includes flavonoids and botanical extracts, each noted for exceptional benefit in supporting a healthy response to seasonal allergens.

With Advanced Cellular Intra-oral Spray delivery, Quercetin Seasonal promotes rapid absorption and fast-acting effect.

All products are:

Gluten free
Dairy free
Synergistic Blend
The ingredients in the Quercetin Seasonal formula support various aspects of a healthy allergen response. Quercetin, Nettle Extract, Greater Burdock root, and Spirulina have demonstrated efficacy in supporting a healthy immune and inflammatory response. Tinospora cordifolia and Butterbur Extract have an inhibitory effect on allergen-induced histamine release, airway smooth muscle constriction, and bronchospasm.


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2 Oz, 4 Oz